Thoughts in Memory of Peggie

There are very few people who leave as deep and as wide an impact upon the world as Peggie has. Like a meteor which travels through the dark sky with beautiful brightness and intense heat just for a little while, and then upon impact leaves an impression so much deeper and wider than its own relatively small size, so Peggie Balcom shone ever so brightly in this dark world where she lived an intensely Christ-centered, joy-filled, other-minded life on this planet for 52 years.


Death: 5 Reasons to Pause

[This post is a revised version of an older article I wrote shortly after my grandfather’s passing.]  Jamie just OD’d. He’s probably dead. Those were the words in the text message from my uncle. My cousin had just died from a heroine overdose. He was 24 years old. That message came last Friday evening as … Continue reading Death: 5 Reasons to Pause